Power 8 LE Habanero Server Assignments

Server Specs

Model: IBM S812LC, Tyan TN71-BP012
CPU: Power8 LE, 1x CPU 10(c) SMT4 @ 3.491GHz (equivalent to 2x Intel E5-2680 v3 CPUs)
MEM: 256GB DDR3 1333MHz 6 channel
HDD: 02x 4TB OS (RAID1), 12x 4TB data (JBOD), connected to Adaptec Series 8 controller
Each data drive contains two partitions of 2TB each.
The first partition of each drive has been formatted using XFS.
The second partition is available for use with GPFS or XFS.
NET: 10 GbE via Mellanox ConnectX-4 SPF+ DAC (non-redundant)
OS: RHEL 7.3

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