Mount Box storage on RHEL or Centos Linux

Box provides online cloud storage to individuals and enterprises. The storage can be accessed via web interface or multi-platform client software. Box offers a WebDAV interface via http/https. Presented is a method […]

IBM’s Watson AI discovered a rare leukemia.

University of Tokyo doctors report that artificial intelligence diagnosed a rare form of leukemia that is drug-resistant. Watson took just 10 minutes to compare the patient’s genetic markers with a database of […]

Building an Open Source NAS

Software Options Operating system selection for your NAS : Synology DSM 5.x  – Friendly UI, good performance on lower end hardware  FreeNAS – UFS and ZFS file shares, additional memory […]

Adjusting RHEL, CentOS network device names

The interface name of network devices can change if the mac address of a physical or virtual network card changes. A common cause of this condition is a mother board […]