Using FIO to measure IO performance

Fio (Flexible IO Tester) is a benchmarking tool written by Jens Axboe, who is the maintainer of the Linux kernel’s block IO subsystem. Thanks to Jens efforts and porting done […]

Flooding in San Jose

The last time major flooding happened in San Jose, approx 20 years ago, the City was on top of it. Fire trucks pumping water in low areas, sand bag stations, […]

Repair a Linux filesystem using fsck

On Linux, “File System Consistency checK” (fsck) can be used to check and repair filesystems. # fsck /dev/sda1 This will check the sda1 partition. An important thing to note is that fsck […]

Upgrading Lenovo Server Firmware using UpdateXpress

To install firmware upgrades on Lenovo servers requires ether 1) Accessing the WebUI via a server IMM port 2) Or, booting Linux / Windows and using the UpdateXpress System Pack Installer (UXSPI) […]

San Jose Google Fiber deployment on HOLD

Google Fiber has told the City of San Jose after two years of effort that it is “putting plans on hold while the company explores a lower cost alternative”. It […]

Configuring Fail2Ban on RHEL & CentOS

Introduction to Fail2Ban By default, a client connects to SSH using port 22. Because this is a well-known port, the default configuration can be vulnerable to brute force attacks. Fail2Ban […]