Measuring UI performance with Open Source tools

Apache J Meter is an open source testing tool written in Java. It requires JVM 1.4 or higher. It is designed to function and load test web applications. Its scope has increased to support static and dynamic resources such as Servlets, Java Objects, Perl Scripts, FTP servers, Data Bases, etc. JMeter has a sizable user community that has created a large library of plugins. This feature set makes JMeter a favorite for functional, performance, and load testing.

Load UI is an open source load testing tool that provides performance data for web applications. It supports numerous web protocols: AMF, REST, JMS, and JDBC. LoadUI has a graphical, interactive, friendly user interface. It integrates with soapUI to improve REST support. Tests can be Created, Configured and Updated as needed. A commercial version of LoadUI exists (LoadUI Pro) that extends the features of the open source version.

Open STA (Open System Testing Architecture) is a GUI based testing tool for generating large volumes of http and https traffic to analyzing and test web application behavior.Tests are performed using simple scripts that are created during recordings. During load tests, Open STA graphs resource utilization information from application servers, web servers, and database servers.