John Oliver, Emmy-winning writer, HBO Last Week Tonight on iPhone Encryption

John Oliver, Emmy-winning writer, host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” talks about iPhone Encryption
In this video, Mr. Oliver does an excellent job of raising the key issues in this debate. He uses an entertaining approach that will help many understand more is at stake.

It should be noted that John Oliver does not explain the layers of protection the iPhone and other computer devices use to provide security. He incorrectly lumps everything together as “encryption”, and seems to say Apples phones are hacked into all the time. That Apple is only one step ahead of the hackers.

While these points were valid for older phones and software when devices lacked a secure enclave and AES data encryption; this is no longer the case. On newer devices and software – Apple, Hackers and FBI maybe able to circumvent a few surface layers of security in a phone but the Fort Knox of data encryption awaits (AES encryption).

Should Apple tell the general public, “AES encryption has never been broken and no known weakness (aside from attempting every key combination) exist”. “Its authors, the party that designed and funded its creation, the US Federal Government understands only a super computer complex can decrypt data once AES encrypted”? “That years of effort maybe required”.

The US Federal Government has super computer complexes and technical resources that could decrypt any device if desired. Why is the FBI demanding Apple help in a court of law? Perhaps, the FBI wants the process to be easier, require less time, require fewer reviews and sign offs. Less interaction with other agencies.

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