Insight 2015 – Intel at Insight, IBM Reference Architecture Update

IBM Reference Architecture update for Hadoop & Spark using Intel servers from major vendors – Lenovo, Cisco, SuperMicro, Dell & HP.

The presentation contains –

  1. a list of reasons why customers purchase a Hadoop or Spark Cluster,
  2. common customer Use Cases for Hadoop & Spark,
  3. the EASY method for selecting the right Hadoop or Spark cluster
  4. details of each pre-defined cluster type used in the EASY method
    • IA
    • LZ/DL
    • NS/CA
  5. CPU, Memory, IO sub-system and networking recommendations
  6. Rack layouts for HA & non-HA cluster deployments
  7. Ratings on major x86 vendors hardware & support
  8. Improvements that would promote Hadoop & Spark deployments

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