– A demonstration of IBM Open Platform with Hadoop & Spark

Simple to extremely complex problems demand action.

Time is short, it’s always short.
A sea of data is painstakingly navigated, searching for answers to aid charting the right course.
Preliminary findings begin to surface, a decision needs to be made.
Are the findings accurate?
Has critical information been missed?

What if …?

What if tools existed that could gather data from almost anywhere?
What if tools existed that were lightning fast and able to scale to handle mountains of data?
What if information could be correlated from many sources allowing validation?
What if tools existed that could understand meaning in data?
What if questions could be asked and knowledge gained from increased understanding?

AskSpark, enhance problem resolution using IBM Open Platform.

…It’s quick and easy

Access, store and search data from almost anywhere. Just enter simple information to access any web site or corporate database. Data is gathered and processed by our state of the art, machine learning engine. Using advanced analytics, gain understanding and derive meaning from mountains of data.

…Understanding at your fingertips

When information is understood, it’s monetary value increases. When many sources of data are understood and combined with additional data the insight possible can be exponential! Data is automatically understood supporting advanced searching and analytics. 

…No manual required

Should reading a manual be required? Our fully responsive, web interface is easy to comprehend. It’s designed to work well on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Can you smell burning rubber?

AskSpark not only provides fast insight, it can change its mind in real-time as new data arrives. Our adjustable real-time slider is one touch away to control the refresh rate of real-time updates.

Do you need to store a mountain of data?

Store as many mountains of data as you need to gain the insight desired. Our next generate platform provides storage and rapid access to massive amounts of data. AskSpark gathers information from the internet (just like Google and Yahoo). It can access private corporate data (just like Google Appliance without the appliance) and real-time data from public sources such as Twitter, IoT and weather data.

…Einstein, Tesla, Da Vinci, Newton, Hawking, and AskSpark

A mountain of data without understanding is just a mountain of data.
Understand, increase knowledge and gain insight.
Solve difficult problems and generate business value.
Find the diamonds of insight deep within mountains of data.
Reduce risk with enhanced understanding available in real-time
It’s time to AskSpark.

Preliminary Architecture Diagram of AskSpark


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