Monthly Archives: September 2019

Configure Nginx to use HTTP/2 protocol on Ubuntu 18.04

Introduction Nginx is a fast open source web server. It has gained in popularity due to low memory usage, scalability, configuration options, and variety of supported protocols. HTTP/2 is a new version of the Hypertext Transport Protocol, which is used […]

Cleaning solution for dogs sprayed by skunk

Dogs and Skunks don’t mix well. Our dog has been sprayed a few times by skunks and still hasn’t learned to stay away! The first time she was sprayed right in the face, on leash, with myself six feet away. […]

Installing Fail2Ban on EdgeRouter to control iptables

The EdgeRouter doesn’t support any IP blacklisting natively, but it does allow the installation of Debian packages. By installing & configuring the fail2ban package on the EdgeRouter, the iptables firewall is automatically adjusted to ban IP addresses found to be […]

EdgeRouter Fail2Ban settings persistence after upgrades

A prior post details installing and configure Fail2Ban on a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter. Additions installed on EdgeRouters do not persist through upgrades because new install images overwrite the filesystem. The following method automatically re-installs Fail2Ban and restores prior settings. Copy Fail2Ban […]