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mysql 8.0 – Show detailed warning messages executing mysqlimport or mysql LOAD DATA

1) Add log-warnings and max error count statements to /etc/my.cnf These configuration options cause detailed warning messages to be written in /var/log/mysql.log [mysqld] log-warnings max-error-count=9999999999 2) Start the mysql client session using the –show-warnings option mysql -u… -p -hlocalhost –show-warnings Adding the –show-warnings option […]

mysql /etc/my.cnf

innodb_buffer_pool_size = 12G # 60% – 70% of your RAM size innodb_log_buffer_size = 16M # 16M or 32M innodb_log_file_size = 3G # 25% of buffer pool size innodb_write_io_threads = 32 # 32 based on core and drive count, 64 is […]

GFS2: Global File System 2 on RHEL CentOS

Global File System 2 or GFS2 is a shared-disk file system for Linux computer clusters. GFS2 differs from distributed file systems (such as AFS, Coda, InterMezzo, or GlusterFS) because GFS2 allows all nodes to have direct concurrent access to the same shared block storage. In addition, GFS or GFS2 can also be used as […]

Improving ZFS performance

A Good 64-bit CPU + Lots of Memory Traditionally, we are told to use a less powerful computer for a file/data server. That’s not true for ZFS. ZFS is more than a file system. It uses a lot of resources […]

mysql 8.0 task list

# mysql [-h hostname] -u root -p Create a database mysql> create database [databasename]; List all databases . mysql> show databases; Switch to a database mysql> use [db name]; List tables in the db. mysql> show tables; To see database’s […]

OpenZFS: ZFS on RHEL 7 CentOS 7

OpenZFS is the open source implementation of ZFS which is an advanced and highly scalable storage platform. Although ZFS was originally designed for Sun Solaris, you can use ZFS on most of major Linux distributions with the help of the […]

ZFS on RHEL7 CentOS 7

ZFS, the short form of Zettabyte Filesystem is an advanced and highly scalable filesystem. It was originally developed by Sun Microsystems and is now part of the OpenZFS project. With so many filesystems available on Linux, it is quite natural […]

Installing ZFS on RHEL 7 CentOS 7

Instructions By default, ZFS is not available in the standard CentOS repository. We will need to include some 3rd party repositories here. sudo rpm -Uvh sudo rpm -Uvh sudo rpm -Uvh sudo rpm -Uvh sudo yum […]