RHEL7 & CentOS7 policy based routing

On Redhat or CentOS servers with multiple network interfaces, inbound packets will be sent to the default interface unless policy base routing is defined. Source or Policy based routing allows […]

EdgeRouter usage monitor using vnstat

How much data are you using per month? Many ISPs have improved Internet performance but have imposed strict data caps on customers. Comcast in California charges most residential customers costly […]

Using FIO to measure IO performance

Fio (Flexible IO Tester) is a benchmarking tool written by Jens Axboe, who is the maintainer of the Linux kernel’s block IO subsystem. Thanks to Jens efforts and porting done […]

Flooding in San Jose

The last time major flooding happened in San Jose, approx 20 years ago, the City was on top of it. Fire trucks pumping water in low areas, sand bag stations, […]

Repair a Linux filesystem using fsck

On Linux, there is this powerful command “fsck” that you can use to check and repair your filesystem. “Fsck” stands for “File System Consistency checK”. The usage is very easy. […]

Upgrading Lenovo Server Firmware using UpdateXpress

To install firmware upgrades on Lenovo servers requires ether 1) Accessing the WebUI via a server IMM port 2) Or, booting Linux / Windows and using the UpdateXpress System Pack Installer (UXSPI) […]